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MyLife – Workshop

“Because my life is worth exploring.”

Of all of the people that you know, no one is more interesting to you than – YOU! MyLife – Workshop takes into account your uniqueness, your story, your longings and aspirations. You are sure to learn new and astounding things about yourself. In the process of self-discovery you will see that God is even more interested in you than you are in yourself.

MyLife – Workshop takes place in a friendly environment, with something to eat and drink, together with other participants who want to discover more of who they are. MyLife – Workshop is a six unit self-discovery process that uses the MyLife Map as a basis for self-discovery and learning. From unit to unit your own unique path will unfold before you.

An Overview of the MyLife Course Units

MyLife – Workshop is a course that consists of six units. Each unit is wrapped around a theme pertaining to our life.

Coin We begin by exploring the people and events that have made us to become what we are today.
Book We increase our self-understanding when we reflect upon our lives as if it were a book – with a title and chapters.
Bridge Not only our past is important to who we have become, but where our lives are headed. What are we longing for; what gives us meaning in life?
Music Music is part of our lives. What if God were like a melody that has been playing in the background of everyday life? Where have we heard that melody?
Bandage God’s pain intersects our life-pain and communicates an important message.
Treasure The gift that God has for each of us is like a treasure. Find him and you find the treasure you’ve been searching for.

MyLife Map

MyLife – Workshop is designed to unfold and progress from unit to unit. The basis for all units is the MyLife Map – one worksheet that plays out our life. Neither the course facilitator nor the participants themselves know beforehand how the MyLife Map will turn out – as fascinating as life itself.




The person behind MyLife – Workshop is Dr. Dietrich Schindler. Dietrich is a German-American who has spent most of his life in Germany starting churches and leading church planters.

He is a book author, conference speaker, Pastor and church planter. Dietrich is married to Jan Carla. They have three adult children.

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